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2014 Big Wood Single Fly Event

Save these dates, August 2-3, 2014. The Big Wood River in Ketchum, Idaho will be the site for the inaugural Big Wood River Single Fly Event. The proceeds will help fund TU’s Big Wood River Home Rivers Initiative, and will be put to use “on the ground;” protecting, re-connecting, restoring, and sustaining the Big Wood River and its wild trout fishery. Event Schedule: Friday, August 1 – for pre-event fishing, please contact Chad Chorney; Saturday, August 2 – registration and welcome dinner begins at 6 pm; Sunday, August 3 – event fishing, lunch, awards dinner and fundraiser

For more information, please contact Chad Chorney ( or Nancy Bradley(

Download the flyer, rules and registration form.

State Council Meeting April 12

Greetings Council,

It is time to crawl out of our winter hibernation.  We are starting to form the agenda for our spring meeting April 12 in Sandpoint.  If there is a topic to discuss or action item for the council please contact me.  Council meetings are a great forum to discuss concerns that are important to local chapters.

As noted below, this is a good time to be in Sandpoint for fishing and fun times.  Please consider this opportunity to explore our northern; some say “most beautiful “part of the state.

Thank you for your time,



Greetings from the north country— I have set up for rooms at the Best Western Edgewater Resort for the spring meeting-  They have given a price of $68 dollars for both a room with a King and one with two queens-  their number is 208-263-3194-  As always you need to tell them that you are with Trout Unlimited- I told them there could be some that would want Thursday, most for Friday and Saturday- could have this rate for all plus sunday-  We are still in the process of finallizing the meeting room- that info will follow-  Also, for those of you that would like to do a one day float on the St. Joe or the CDA let me know so I can line up enough boats for the day-  could be thursday friday, sunday or even monday if so want-  This is a very good time to be fishing these two rivers- would be some midge, baetis, and possibly some sqwalla stones-All wild native westslope cutts- later my friends- loren

Idaho Council Meeting is October 26th


The fall meeting is October 26 in Boise at Idaho Fish and Game Nature Center.  The agenda is not final and subject to change.  Below are some topics to peak your interest.

Council Business
NLC Report
National meeting report
Idaho Council Website 101- A how to use and post
Idaho Water Project update and introduction new director- Mark Davidson
IDFG report- Ed Schriever, IDFG staff
Effects of this summer fires on fish- TU Staff (Helen or Dan)
Owyhee basin initiative, TU staff (Pam and Kurt)
Idaho Youth of Trout Unlimited-Christina Assante
Elections for State officers
ICA Scholarship fund

We have secured a rate at the Holiday Inn Express on Parkcenter in Boise.  The hotel is located across the river from Fish and Game headquarters and Nature Center.  Also, close access to downtown Boise.  Please ask for the Trout Unlimited state council meeting rate which is  $83.00/night.  The number to call 1-208-345-2002  or 1-855-799-6861.  If you have any problems Cindy Crane is the manager that set this up.

Other hotels close by meeting  site:

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Boise -
222 S. Broadway Avenue, Boise, ID, 83702, US
(800) 321-2211

Hampton Inn & Suites Boise-Downtown
Address: 495 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702
Phone:(208) 331-1900

For the Adventurous:
Modern Hotel
W Grove Street Boise ID 1-866-599-6674

The agenda is still being finalized and will send out asap.
Best Regards,


Protecting forage fish helps salmon

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council, meeting in Boise on September 16, voted to protect forage fish from the development of commercial fisheries.  This is good for salmon and steelhead which rely on forage fish when at sea.  Check out Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker’s blog about it here.

Idaho Trout Unlimited weighed in with comments during the public testimony period prior to the vote.  The letter follows:

Representing Idaho outdoor anglers who care about salmon and steelhead, the Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited ask the Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) to fulfill the commitment it made a year ago to prohibit unregulated fisheries targeting forage fish on the West Coast. The time to act is now, and we urge the Council to begin the process of amending one or more of its management plans to extend protection to currently unmanaged forage species.

John Ellsworth, VIce Chair of the Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited, speaks to the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Boise
John Ellsworth, VIce Chair of the Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited, speaks to the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Boise

The Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited works to conserve, protect, reconnect, and restore Idaho’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds. While our fisheries may be located hundreds of miles from the ocean, we know that recovering salmon and steelhead runs depend on a healthy ocean ecosystem. Every year, millions of ocean‐bound juvenile salmon and steelhead migrate through mountain streams, over dams, and past cities and farms. Their survival depends to a large degree on forage fish as cover from an array of predators. Later, after leaving the river, they depend on forage fish as a critical food source for the bulk of their life cycle in the ocean.

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC) wrote a letter in November 2012 stating that electric ratepayers spend $250 million a year to offset the damage to salmon habitat caused by federal hydroelectric dams. In its letter to the PFMC, the NPCC cited its independent scientific analysis finding that the Columbia’s estuary and plume are “exceptionally important” in determining the proportion of juvenile salmon and steelhead trout that will return to the basin as spawning adults, largely because of the presence of forage fish.

The Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited is supportive and appreciative of the Council’s attention to this matter and the work it has done to transition to an ecosystem‐based approach to fisheries management by adopting a Fishery Ecosystem Plan. We understand the Council doesn’t control all of the factors affecting the survival and recovery of Pacific salmon and steelhead. Significant money and effort is expended to restore their freshwater habitats, yet salmon and steelhead spend the majority of their lives in the Pacific ocean and we are dedicated to ensuring they have the best chance possible to return. The Council has an opportunity now to take an important step forward in helping to maintain a healthy ocean ecosystem so our salmon and steelhead can return home to Idaho.


Chris Jones, Chairman

Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited

Save this Date

At the spring meeting the consensus was to have the fall meeting in Boise.  The date for the meeting will be October 26, last Saturday of the month.  For added incentive, the South Fork of the Boise and Owyhee should both still be fishing well at that time.

Hope to see you there,

Chris Jones

Idaho TU State Council President


Idaho Council Meeting June 1, Pocatello

The spring meeting is fast approaching.  We will be meeting June 1 at the Clarion Inn in Pocatello.  They are holding a block of rooms for us at $75 /night.  When you call and make reservations tell them you are with Trout Unlimited.

Clarion Inn (ID057)
1399 Bench Road, Pocatello, ID, US, 83201
Phone: (208) 237-1400Fax: (208) 238-0225

Look forward to seeing everyone in Pokey.  Soon,  I will send out a meeting location for our Friday night get together.

Thank you for your time


Idaho Council Supports Silver Creek Kilpatrick Pond Restoration Project

Nancy Cooley
Blaine Co. Land Use and Building Services
219 1st Ave. South; Ste. 208
Hailey, ID 83333

RE: Silver Creek Kilpatrick Pond Restoration Project

Dear Nancy,

The Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited (ICTU) and its 1800 members wish to thank the Blaine County commissioners for the opportunity to provide comments on this unique project.

The Idaho Council fully supports the Nature Conservancy and the Purdy family’s efforts to help improve the long term health of the Silver Creek Preserve. The Kilpatrick Pond Project will help address critical issues important to sustaining Silver Creek as a fly fisherman’s destination now and for future generations.

ICTU appreciates the fact that best available science from the University of Idaho and GeoEngineers was used for developing the suggested enhancements that will result from this project.

ICTU feels that implementing this project will conserve, protect, reconnect, and sustain the Silver creek ecosystem and continue to offer diverse recreational opportunities.


Christopher P. Jones
Chairman, Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited

Water plan hits choppy waters

After years of meetings, public hearings, work sessions and draft products, an updated Idaho State Water Plan was transmitted to the Idaho Legislature at the beginning of this legislative session for final review and adoption.

The Idaho Constitution allows the Legislature up to 60 days to adopt the plan as is or make amendments, otherwise the plan goes into effect as is.  Nearly thirty days into the session the House Resources and Conservation Committee held a hearing on House Bill 38 to adopt the plan.  Then, a group of House members decided to rewrite sections of the plan.

These House members worked with lobbyists and lawyers to take out references to climate change,  riparian and wetland habitat, as well as amendment references to Endangered Species Act protected fish like salmon and steelhead.  Many of these topics are in the plan and were shaped in part through participation by Trout Unlimited.

The House Resources Committee held a hearing Friday March 1st to print an amended Water Plan and set March 7th for a hearing on the bill.  The 60-day deadline runs out on March 8th and one report suggests the rewrite stands no chance to replace the submitted plan.  Meanwhile, others have sounded the alarm.

Trout Unlimited is disappointed in the rewrite given our extensive comments and participation in the process with the Idaho Water Resource Board.  We will continue to monitor the situation and alert TU grassroots leadership as events warrant.

Statement on Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Joan Hurlock

The Idaho State Council of Trout Unlimited met in Twin Falls on Saturday February 9 and voted to support the Senate confirmation of Joan Hurlock to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

Unfortunately the State Senate voted the other way and she was not confirmed.

Ms. Hurlock is a product of the commission screening process, which Idaho’s hunters and anglers strongly support. The eight-member screening committee unanimously recommended Ms. Hurlock and Trout Unlimited believes that attempts by a vocal but small minority of people to subvert the commission selection process is a disappointing and dangerous precedent.