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Embrace-A-Stream (EAS) is the flagship grant program for funding TU’s grassroots conservation efforts. Since its inception in 1975, EAS has funded over 1,000 individual projects for a total of more than $4.2 million in direct cash grants. Local TU chapters and councils contributed an additional $13 million in cash and in-kind services to EAS funded projects for a total investment of more than $17 million.

Idaho Trout Unlimited Chapters and the Idaho Council have a long legacy of project funded by Embrace-A-Stream.  Many of these projects were inspired at the local level and an EAS grant helped bootstrap the project into something larger.  The success of local chapters in Idaho indicates the devotion of our grassroots members to improving trout and salmon habitat in Idaho.  It also signals high priority that the national Trout Unlimited places on Idaho’s watersheds and the salmonids that live in them.  Idaho Trout Unlimited sincerely appreciates the support by TU members across the nation who have donated to the Embrace-A-Stream program because those dollars have made their way to the Gem State.

Here is a list of EAS-funded projects in Idaho ordered with the newer ones at the top. This list will continue to be edited and added to as we recover old records of local projects.


  • Reed Gillespie Chapter – North Fork Payette River Angler Access and Strand Trail Riparian Enhancement
  • River of No Return Chapter – Big Timber Creek restoration and information signage project
  • Clearwater-Snake Rivers Chapter – Potlatch River Wild Steelhead DNA and habitat assessment


  • Reed Gillespie Chapter – South Fork Salmon River Angler Access Improvement and Outreach
  • Teton Valley Chapter – Desert Canal Diversion Modification Project


  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – South Fork Boise River wildfire recovery


  • Reed Gillespie Chapter – Big Creek Restoration
  • Southeast Idaho Fly Fishers – Pebble Creek Restoration
  • Teton Valley Chapter – Teton River


  • Southeast Idaho Fly Fishers – Dempsey Creek
  • Idaho Council – Streambank Restoration Training for Idaho TU Chapters and friends


  • Teton Valley Chapter – Trail Creek
  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Pierce Creek Reconnection to South Fork Boise River


  • Snake River Cutthroats Chapter – Crow Creek tributary to the South Fork Snake River
  • Teton Valley Chapter – Fox Creek tributary to the Teton River


  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – South Fork Boise River genetics study
  • Southeast Idaho Fly Fishers – Portneuf River fencing project


  • Snake River Cutthroats Chapter – Rainey Creek reconnection to South Fork of the Snake River
  • Teton Valley Chapter – Teton River old barbed wire fence removal


  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Roaring River reconnection to Middle Fork Boise River
  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Mores Creek floodplain restoration project
  • Reed Gillespie Chapter – Lick Creek Restoration




  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Fir Creek fencing project at campground along Bear Valley Creek in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River basin
  • Snake River Cutthroats Chapter – Garden Creek reconnection to South Fork of the Snake River


  • Idaho Council – Instream migration, habitat use and genetics of trout in upper Salmon Basin
  • Idaho Council – Thomas Fork fish ladder construction, tributary to Bear River
  • Idaho Council – Fall Creek tributary to Pahsimeroi River
  • Idaho Panhandle Chapter – Bird Creek habitat improvement tributary to St. Joe River
  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Cottonwood Creek daylighting project at confluence with Boise River in downtown Boise




  • Idaho Panhandle Chapter – Kickbush Slide stabilization at Gold Creek, bull trout spawning tributary to Lake Pend Oreille
  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Bear Valley Creek radio telemetry study of migration of westslope cutthroat trout in this Middle Fork of the Salmon River tributary
  • Hemingway Chapter – Elkhorn Creek reconnection to the Big Wood River


  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Bear Valley Creek radio telemetry study of migration of westslope cutthroat trout in this Middle Fork of the Salmon River tributary
  • Ted Trueblood Chapter – Alta Harris Creek side channel to the Boise River


  • Idaho Panhandle Chapter – Habitat restoration on Twin Creek for bull trout
  • Idaho Council – Flat Ranch, fencing of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River


  • Snake River Cutthroats Chapter – Palisades Creek fish ladder
  • Nez Perce Chapter – Lochsa River bull trout genetic study
  • Idaho Panhandle Chapter – Keno Creek road crossings removal and stabilization

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