Conserving, protecting, and restoring Idaho's coldwater fisheries and watersheds.

Idaho Trout Unlimited works on conservation projects across the state of Idaho through the grass roots level of eight active chapters, and through the Trout Unlimited professional staff hired by the national TU organization and located in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pollock, Salmon and Providence, Utah.

The Idaho State Council is also an advocate for clean water, fisheries habitat protection and restoration, proper land management, and adequate flows in streams for trout and salmon.

Some links to Trout Unlimited conservation efforts in Idaho:
(some from national Trout Unlimited website)

Idaho Water Project

Bear River Watershed Project

South Fork Snake River Home Rivers Initiative Project

Upper Boise River Watershed Home Rivers Initiative Project

Idaho Projects 1999 - 2002 Page

Idaho Council Position Letters 2000 - 2002 Page

Silver Creek May 2000 stream bank project

Silver Creek October 2003 results

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